• Image of Zirc Doomsday Drop/Preorder
  • Image of Zirc Doomsday Drop/Preorder
  • Image of Zirc Doomsday Drop/Preorder


This is a Preorder. The Material is on hand and will be made to your specifications. Please do not purchase if you are not willing to wait. Spinners will be made and shipped in the order they are purchased.

Bar Material Purchase will give you the option of a full size or mini DOOMSDAY
Tri Material Purchase will get you a Tri Doomsday

Required Information for Full size bar or Tri purchase:
in the notes section please specify With or Without Trit Slots.
-4 slots in the body for 2mm x12mm Tritium Vials or glow powder. Trits not included

Mini Doomsday will not have an option for trit slots

Button Material options for all spinner selections:

Button Texture options:
-Knurled with Concave center
-Smooth with Concave center

Body Finishes:
Brushed Flats Raw (standard Doomsday Finish)
Brushed Flats Flamed
Polished Raw
Polished Flamed

Please make sure to note your selections . you can also send us an Email with your order number if it is easier. without this information your order will be delayed until answered.

Body Material :
Plate Alloy 702

Fitted with FZ SBV2 bearings.
CNC Machined
Made in U.S.A.

Sold Out