• Image of Razorwire Damtanium Doomsday
  • Image of Razorwire Damtanium Doomsday

DOOMSDAY is the next evolution in my R188 based spinners. Based off The Sledge that was designed as a budget friendly spinner with a R188 bearing. Smaller overall than any spinner I have made before, less weight ,and thinner buttons. To improve on the sledge design I removed the end ridges and enlarged the chamfers on the outer profile and toward the buttons I added a radius to get rid of a hard edge.

The bearings are hand fit and every spinner is test spun to ensure quality

Body Material :
-Vegas Forge Razorwire Damtanium

Button Material :

Button Texture :
-Knurled with Concave center

Body Dimensions:
-Thickness: .400"

Fitted with high precision 10 Ball R188 Full Stainless bearings.
CNC Machined
Made in U.S.A.

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