• Image of DOOMSDAY!! Brass Spinner
  • Image of DOOMSDAY!! Brass Spinner

DOOMSDAY is the next evolution in my R188 based spinners. Based off The Sledge that was designed as a budget friendly spinner with a R188 bearing. Smaller overall than any spinner I have made before, less weight ,and thinner buttons. To improve on the sledge design I removed the end ridges and enlarged the chamfers on the outer profile and toward the buttons I added a radius to get rid of a hard edge.

Available with or without Trit Slots.
-Slotted versions will have 4 slots in the body for 2mm x12mm Tritium Vials or glow powder. Trits not included

The bearings are hand fit and every spinner is test spun to ensure quality

Body Material :

Button Material options:
-Aluminum $45.00
-Brass $50.00
-Copper $55.00
-Stainless $60.00

Button Texture options:
-Smooth with Concave center
-Knurled with Concave center

Body Dimensions:
-Weight : 50g
-Thickness: .400"

Fitted with high precision 10 Ball R188 Full Stainless bearings.
CNC Machined
Made in U.S.A.

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